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There are volcanoes dotted throughout


These local landscapes provide Ben with constant inspiration in the brooding beauty. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of Von Guérard and paint them all - once he can move on from Tower HillHe has begun with paintings and prints of Mount Elephant and Mount Noorat.

Volcano Top

Please click on an image for full details of chosen artwork, size, year finish and location.

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Deen Maar, (also known as Lady Julia Percy Island) is a long flat island off the coast of South West Victoria, between Port Fairy and Yambuk. After a boat expedition circumnavigating the island, Ben was inspired to paint the Deen Maar series, exhibited at Boom Gallery. When one viewer told him that the sense of motion in the paintings was so strong that they felt seasick, Ben was delighted!


A unique place with universal heritage values that demonstrate how Gunditjmara people worked with the natural resources and environment of the Victorian South West region to establish a permanent place of human society over the past 30,000 years. Budj Bim is considered one of Victoria’s earliest and largest Indigenous aquaculture ventures.  It has recently been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, recognised solely for its Aboriginal cultural values.

‘Budj Bim Escarpment is a moody, painterly depiction of the lake and dramatic tree-lined cliff faces of the ancient, volcanic landscape of Budj Bim. I have tried to capture the depth of feelings of light and darkness that this special environment evoked for me. A beautiful place with a sad past cannot be represented like a chocolate box picture, thus my painting, although vivid, has hopefully reflected some of this intensity. I hope my response to Budj Bim resonates with the viewer and encourages contemplation on the past and the significance of place in the present.’

Ben Fennessy, excerpt from artist statement.

2020_BigBoom_4-3-mockup-budj bim 150dpi.png
Budj Bim Escarpment, Ben Fennessy
Deen Maar
Budj Bim
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